Derrick is a versatile provider offering a comprehensive range of services aimed at assisting clients in maximizing the efficiency and performance of their electro-mechanical systems and processes. With expertise spanning from the initial stages of conceptual design to the production of detailed engineering drawings, Derrick offers seamless support throughout the entire project lifecycle. Whether clients require assistance in refining their initial ideas or require expert guidance in executing complex engineering tasks, Derrick's team is equipped to deliver tailored solutions that cater to the unique needs of each project.

By leveraging their extensive knowledge, expertise, and experience in various fields such as 3D modeling, electrical control systems, factory automation, structural analysis, and system optimization, Derrick's team can successfully implement effective solutions that drive efficiency, productivity, and ultimately lead to substantial cost savings. , Clients can rely on his team's expertise to meet their goals and achieve success in their respective industries.

Derrick is a multifaceted entrepreneur and investor who explores various business opportunities and invests in both non-liquid and tangible assets. Despite his demanding role at a prominent Fortune 1000 corporation, he has managed to establish several thriving enterprises. These ventures span across diverse industries, including retail sales, manufacturing, consulting, and investing. Derrick's keen business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit have enabled him to navigate through different sectors successfully. His ability to identify promising investment prospects and nurture them into profitable ventures has been a key factor in his entrepreneurial journey. Derrick's commitment to both his corporate career and his entrepreneurial pursuits showcases his dedication and determination in pursuing his business interests.

Derrick recognizes that numerous brilliant ideas and concepts never come to fruition due to the lack of financial resources to initiate or complete the idea or business. He also comprehends the complexities of life and recognizes that there are instances when individuals might need to sell some of their assets for various reasons. With his understanding of these challenges, Derrick aims to bridge the gap by providing funding and support to those innovative minds and individuals who require assistance. Through his expertise and resources, he aspires to aid others in overcoming their financial hurdles.